Services for Individuals

We Offer both Buying and Selling services for Individuals look to expand their collection or downsize.

Introduction to Our Services for Individuals

Curator’s Eye marketing solution provides buying and selling services for individuals in the form of The Curator’s Eye and The Curator’s Private Market. These two platforms will allow you to connect with art dealers and galleries from around the world to buy fantastic pieces of art or to sell works from your own collection.


Buying Services

The Curator’s Eye is the premier online platform for browsing high end art and artifacts from around the globe. Find rare Ancient art, Decorative arts, Tribal African art, Native American Art, Contemporary paintings and much more. Visit our site to see the full collection.

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Selling Services

 The Curator’s Private Market is a private marketplace where individuals can offer artworks from their collection for sale to the dealers & galleries that we work with. If they are interested in your piece, they will contact you directly. Visit the site to sell your artworks today.

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