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We offer complete solutions for art dealers and galleries for digital marketing.

Introduction to Our Services for Art Dealers

Please watch this short, 60 second video, which explains how we work with various dealers to help them market more effectively.

What is Online Luxury Marketing

 Marketing artworks presents a number of unique challenges including the nature of the target market, importance of establishing a strong relationship with clients and the critical role of your gallery’s reputation. Perhaps more important than more typical product marketing, art marketing requires a deep understanding of who is interested in your inventory of art and what is the best way to connect with them from anywhere in the world.  Read educational articles below to learn more.

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Pricing starts for as little as about $1,500 per year.  For pricing for the individual services, please view those services above.

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The Curator’s Eye works with leading dealers from all over the world, bringing art collectors the finest selection of art, antiques and historical objects.

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Online Marketing Strategy

The below online marketing proposals are based on what we would suggest for a new business to follow when building out their internet presence.

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Curator’s Eye Best Practices

The Curator’s Eye espouses the practice of “Lead Qualification” and “Lead Nurturing.” While these are new terms, they are generating a significant amount of interest in the internet community, and have been practiced for years with art dealers. Specifically it is the process of weeding out those who do not appear to be buyers and then developing relationships with client prospects who do. Read on for more on Lead Generation best practices.

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Our Clients
Some of our Clients include the following:

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How do you Choose a Marketing Firm?

Educational Materials
Some of the concepts for digital marketing are somewhat complicated and are often new to most people, so we have provided a number of articles here to help educate the dealer community.