CEMS Auction Services
Curator’s Eye Marketing Solutions Offers auction services for Art Dealers and Trade Groups.
Why Choose Curator’s Eye Marketing Solutions?
Trade groups and art dealers have a difficult to impossible time contending with the auction majors on their own.  CEMS auction services were created to provide dealers and trade groups with a way to compete. CEMS can timed, live and on-site auctions depending on your goals.
The Value Added Versus Other Platforms
  • CEMS provides integration with multiple live bidding platforms for each auction.

  • Where available, we will also provide a list of bidders and underbidders to the sellers for your own remarketing purpose.

Types of Auctions We Run

Timed Auction: A timed auction is CEMS’ lowest cost option because it takes place only online and does not require additional personnel. And because the advertising that CEMS provides for your lot is comparable to that of the other auction formats, you get comparable exposure with the benefit of the savings on overhead. CEMS will open the bidding for your lot at your predetermined level. CEMS will then accept bids over an extended period that can range from hours to days, during which auction participants leave bids on lots. At the end of the defined bidding period, if the highest bid offered meets the your reserve, the lot is sold. CEMS then handles all of the invoicing, escrow and shipping logistics for you. All you have to do is ship the item and wait for your auction proceeds check.


Live Virtual Auction: This auction format provides much of the excitement of a traditional auction through live streaming video, but saves significantly on the overhead costs, because the auction takes place online. CEMS hosts the auction with a professional auctioneer with which participants can bid in real-time via the phone or via the internet. A live online-only auction simulates the atmosphere of the auction room with live audio and video feeds. And because auctions are broadcast over the internet via live streaming video on CEMS’s live bidding platform and also simulcast on the major live bidding portals, Live Virtual Auctions managed by CEMS provide the greatest exposure possible at the the lowest cost.


On-Site Live Auctions: For the duplication of the traditional auction with a cost savings, CEMS can promote, set up and host traditional on-site live auctions. These auctions provide all of the benefits of the CEMS live virtual auctions, but with the added benefit of a physical auction room in which participants can gather and bid in person. Whether it be in New York, London, or Los Angeles, CEMS can promote, host and manage your auction.

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The Curator’s Eye works with leading dealers from all over the world, bringing art collectors the finest selection of art, antiques and historical objects.

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Art dealers are increasingly being encroached upon by the auction majors. While these auctions can be a valuable resource in terms of liquidity, selling through them can only help add to their power to compete directly with dealers.  Not so with Auctions run by CEMS, which provides dealers not only liquidity from auctions, but also the client lists associated with those items.