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Email marketing is the most efficient way of re-engaging with your existing clientèle so it pays to get it right.

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Email Marketing by CEMS

Email Marketing Should Not Be Sent From An Individual Account With A “Bcc” This Is The Surest Way To Not Have Your Emails Opened, Because They Will All End Up In The Spam Folder.
Most dealers and galleries don’t have the people, time, money, or expertise to manage email marketing on their own. That is why CEMS offers a turn-key managed services solution to get you started and keep you on track with your email marketing efforts, and we do it all for less than doing it yourself.

Why Choose CEMS for Email Marketing Management?

CEMS managed email marketing services helps you manage all aspects of your email marketing. We’ll save you time, money, and resources by taking the load off your team.  Our email services include:

  • Campaign set up and creation
  • Email template creation
  • Individual Email creative – Including special designs and writing of content.
  • Email list management and hygiene
  • Email reporting and tracking


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Educational Articles

Email marketing is a concept that is very easy to get started doing.  However achieving the best results often takes a bit of knowledge of both how to set up the email marketing campaigns and how to manage them over the longer term, so you get the most our of your list of emails. A few good pointers are included below.