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Putting up a website without marketing it, is like having a store on the North Pole – No one will find it.  The reason that many stores locate on Madison Ave or Bond Street is because of the high demographic foot traffic.  That is what good marketing can bring – traffic.

Why Choose CEMS for Search Engine Optimization Services?

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Do you find SEO confusing?  So do we, and that is why we have a simple solution and pricing for our Search Engine Optimization services are very straightforward.  There is no funny business like with those companies from “who knows where” which are always sending you spam.

How Our Search Engine Optimization Services Work

The steps are the following:
For a small fee, we consult with you to help you determine what keywords will bring you the most potential clients – the kinds of traffic you are looking for.  Our team works on getting you ranked for those keywords. You pay us once you are happy with the results.

Step 1


We analyze your website to determine what will help you best achieve the results that you are looking for.

Step 2


We get sign off from you on those strategies.

Step 3


We go to work getting you ranked for those keywords.

Step 4


Each month, you get an update on our activities, so you can see that there are lots of busy bodies working on your behalf.

Step 5


When your website achieves the ranking, then you pay us an agreed upon fee for getting you ranked.


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Educational Articles

Search Engine Optimization can be a complicated process and the hiring of an SEO professional can be fraught with challenges.  Before you choose someone to work with we believe you should educate yourself as to some of the issues involved.