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Online Advertising is most beneficial for those dealers who want to reach a targeted audience and brand their own name online.

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Why Choose CEMS for Pay Per Click and Banner Advertising?

Of course the challenge is finding the greatest number of new interested collectors for the least amount of money, and thus campaign optimization is critical.  This is where CEMS excels – optimizing for high ROI.

The CEMS team currently places over 100 million ads per year, which reach approximately 10 million people per year.   The CEMS team currently manages and individually optimizes over 500 individual advertising campaigns for the clients for which it markets.

How It Works

Step 1


Together CEMS and Dealer Determine Goals.

You work with CEMS to determine your goals. Some ideas for individual campaigns are:

  1. Online advertising exposure and branding in the months prior to gallery openings.
  2. Developing a following for the gallery through the year of interested collectors by way of online advertisements.
  3. Developing email sign ups that can be used for gallery show reminders and newsletters.

Step 2


Together CEMS and Dealer Develop Ad Copy and Creative.

You can submit your own creative or use CEMS services to develop advertisements. CEMS will then develop targeted advertising campaigns.

Step 3


CEMS Determines How to Balance Cost With Collector Targeting.

For each of these types of exposure, we will work with you to balance the cost of the advertising with the following criteria:

  1. Demographics of collectors
  2. Geographies of collectors
  3. Interests of collectors
  4. Magazine website placement (i.e where ads are seen)

For example, you could decide to reach only people in the top 10% of US demographics in the East Coast of the US (New England to Mid Atlantic) area who are interested in antiques and reading the New York Times.

Step 4


CEMS Optimizes and Places Ads.

The optimization of the campaigns can be such that CEMS minimizes cost for any of the following criteria.  In addition, these criteria can be used in conjunction.  The criteria could be:

  1. Ad impressions
  2. People reached with Ads
  3. Website traffic
  4. Email sign ups
  5. Ticket purchases


Pricing starts at around $7,500 per year, which includes all costs

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Types of Pay-Per Click Advertising

Banner Advertising

We will create graphics containing your institutions name and relevant images brand that will be embedded into a website, stretching across the top or bottom of a website(this type is called a leaderboard) or on the sides of a webpage (called a skyscraper). Clicking on these will direct traffic back to your website.

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Remarketing with banner advertising

Remarketing lets you show ads to people who have visited your website before. A remarketing tag on your website allows you to reconnect and continue to advertise with your websites visitors by showing them relevant ads as they browse the web.

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Search advertising (eg. Google search)

Search advertising are short text-based ads that display at the top or along the side of search results within search engines (e.g. Google, Yahoo, Bing). These ads are triggered whenever someone uses search terms that are related to your company or product.

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Native / Social Media advertising

Native advertising is simply any ad that matches the format of the site its being displayed on. In the context of Social Media, these are text and image based ads that display to relevant users within a social media platform. (eg. Facebook, LinkedIn, etc).

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Video advertising

Video advertising, as the name implies, are videos embedded within a website. can take two main formats. In-banner video advertising is where a short video plays within a banner ad space. Expandable videos display a static image within a space that will expand to a full-size video when a viewer hovers their mouse over the advertisement.

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Educational Articles

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is one of the most effective ways to reach out to a targeted audience of collectors.  PPC allows you as a dealer to target certain demographics, certain geographies and even certain interests.  Many numbers of individuals have implemented their own PPC advertising, but be aware that doing it on your own is not for the faint of heart and does involve a considerable learning curve.  To educate you on some of the pitfalls of the process and some of the best practices, we have included some educational articles below.