Ecommerce Service

CEMS offers dealers a unique proposition to anonymously sell their inventory through The Curator’s Eye platform.

Why Choose CEMS for an Ecommerce Solution?

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Where else can you list your inventory without any recurring charges?

Where else can you leverage a powerful marketing platform that will actively bring potential clients to you?

How It Works

Step 1

Dealers Choose Their Inventory.

Dealers determine which items they want to list on The Curator’s eye.  They photograph them, and describe them.  They then choose a realistic price for the item.

Step 2

CEMS Will Review & Publish Your Inventory.

CEMS will create your ecommerce account and review the information you’ve provided for completeness and errors. Once your inventory is properly uploaded to our platform, they will be published to the public.

Step 3

Clients Browse and Buy.

When a customer purchase a piece, they will pay through CEMS. After payment has cleared, they are then passed on to the dealers who own the items. The Dealer will then ship the sold item to the provided address.

Step 4

CEMS Pays Out Dealer for the Sale.

Seven days after delivery to the customer has been confirmed, CEMS disburses payment to the dealer, which equals 90% of sale price.


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CEMS works with leading dealers from all over the world, bringing art collectors

the finest selection of art, antiques and historical objects.

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