The Curator’s Private Market


As an art dealer, sourcing new inventory can be a very difficult proposition. This is why CEMS has created The Curator’s Private Market.

The Curator’s Private Market

How It Works

The Curator’s Private Market is an online platform that allows collectors to offer their works for sale to dealers with which we work. Dealers we work with are able to contact these collectors directly and arrange for viewings, assessments and purchase on your own. The best part? It is completely free and Curator’s Eye Marketing Solutions is not involved in any transaction in any way.

The Basic Steps

Collectors Post Their Inventory

Private collectors post pictures and all the information they have available about their item onto the site.

Browse a List of Available Items

Dealers we work with are given access to the platform and can login and browse a sortable list of inventory across all categories of art and artifacts.

Connect With the Seller

If you are interested in a piece, contact them directly to get more information or arrange to view the item.  Please note, All transactions happen between the collector and the dealer, The Curator’s Private Market is not involved in potential transactions in anyway.

What do Collectors Offer to Dealers?

Collectors sometimes will offer entire collections or private estates but most of the time they offer individual pieces. These items cover a wide range of categories, ranging from fine paintings, antiquities, Ancient Chinese art, rare musical instruments, as well as tribal artworks and artifacts.


Curator’s Private Market is a completely Free service that is included with subscription to our Client Development Services.  For more information on these Client development Services please visit the links below.

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Visit The Curator’s Private Market for more information on how it works.

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