Client Development Services


We recognize that cultivating relationships with collectors is an ongoing process that takes more than an e-commerce solution.

Client Development Services

How It Works

The Curator’s Eye individually advertises artworks from dealers.  In addition to allowing clients to buy directly from dealers (i.e. no commissions) it refines prospective client lists of interested collectors and then passes those lists on to the dealers.

This 2 minute video explains how we take targeted advertising and turn it into vetted client lists for you.

The Steps We Follow To Generate Leads From Your Inventory

Bespoke Ads For Your Inventory

The Curator’s Eye super charges your marketing efforts, by doing a whole lot more than just placing your artwork on just a static website. From each of your pieces of inventory, we will generate customized ads.

A Massive Reach Through Advertising

The combination of customized ads and targeting by collector interest type is unmatched. The Curator’s Eye’s Inventory-specific ads achieve their power when combined with advertising targeted to a huge base of collectors in segmented interest categories.

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You don’t have to worry about which are the websites with the best return on your advertising investment, because we set up the campaigns and optimize them for you.

Then we deliver those ads of your inventory to millions of art collectors around the globe, advertising on publications that appeal to the high income collector.

You don’t have to hope that someone finds your inventory on an e-commerce website or your website, because we take your ads and present them to collectors, no matter where they are on the Internet.

We Refine Thousands of Potential Clients To Just The Best

The Curators Eye doesn’t just place ads, we refine the reach of those ads into targeted client lists for each dealer using our proprietary technology. We place 10s of millions of ads, reaching millions of people. We refine those ads into 10s of thousands of registered users on our platform. From that list of people, we generate proprietary client lists for each of our dealers. Those client prospects are the ones specifically interested in your inventory.

Client Selection Tools Make it Easy

We don’t just provide a list of names. After we develop each dealer’s list, we then give you tools to narrow that list down to the most valuable clients for you. You can narrow it by:

  • Demographics
  • Category Interest
  • Buying Intent

You get just the highest demographics clients, with the greatest interest in your inventory, and greatest intention to buy.

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Demographics – The Average Net worth of clients on our platform is approximately $2 Million and the average income is close to $100,000. The top decile (top 10%) has an average net worth of approximately $20 million and an income of almost $1 million per year.

Category Interest – We specifically describe the category interests of each of our your client prospects.

Buying Intent – We help you determine if the person is a buyer or just a casual browser, as well as giving you insights into where they have purchased in the past. No more time wasted on potential client prospects who are not buyers, who are not ones who can afford, and ones who are not seriously interested.

Our Platform, The Curator’s Eye

Browse the Curator’s Eye yourself to see the level of quality in the items that we market and the website that we manage.

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Pricing starts for as little as about $2,500 per year.

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Why Choose CEMS for Client Development?

There simply is no other company that provides this service and the only other people who enjoy access to these types of services are the Specialists at the Auction Majors.

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The Curator’s Eye works with leading dealers from all over the world, bringing art collectors

the finest selection of art, antiques and historical objects.

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Educational Articles for Client Development Services

Getting to know new clients is critical to your business as an art dealer, and that is why we espouse the concepts of Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing.  Those concepts are not new to the art business.  However, they are somewhat new to the online art business.  Essentially, they are processes that you use continually in your real world business dealings.  Some of the concepts that are used in the online world are presented here.