The Curator's Eye Auctions

A Radically Lower Cost Auction House Model

The Curator's Eye Auctions

A Radically Lower Cost Auction House Model

The Curator's Eye Auctions

A Radically Lower Cost Auction House Model

The Curator's Eye Auctions

A Radically Lower Cost Auction House Model

Who Chooses The Curator’s Eye for Auctions?

Curator’s Eye, the 5 year industry leader in high-end fine art advertising for Dealers and Collectors, is now pleased to offer a one-of-a-kind auction & client development service.

  • Hundreds of dealers per fine art category use The Curator’s Eye as a staple for their marketing
  • The Curator’s Eye proprietary technology uses the same methodology as the major auction houses
  • Yet costs are on average 40% lower
  • Here’s what many high-end art dealers are saying (testimonials)

What are the advantages Of The Curator’s Eye Auctions?

The Curator’s Eye Auctions appear simultaneously on multiple bidding platforms:
Invaluable, LiveAuctioneers, The Saleroom.

1. Reach tens of thousands of pre-qualified collectors in every category.

2. You choose your reserve price (no hassle and no haggling, you are the expert).

3. Expert client profiling that is strategic and engaging, generated from over 1 billion ad impressions placed by The Curator’s Eye, and counting.

4.   Yet, at half the cost.

5. With the added bonus that you keep all your merchandise until sold.

6.   And, you get new client contacts from auction registrants + winning bidders.

  • A new, unmatched platform harnessing Curator’s proven success in meticulously targeted fine art advertising.
  • The combined power of art marketing expertise with themed auctions that is bound to deliver amazing results.

Why Choose The Curator’s Eye for Auctions?

Answer These Questions…

  • Who will auction your inventory while you choose 100% of your reserve price, and at half the commission cost of other bidding platforms?
  • Who will then tell you the people who have registered to bid on your inventory?
  • Who will manage the entire process for you, from catalog creation, to invoicing, to shipping logistics?
  • The Answer? Only…

The Curator's Eye

A strong and well respected brand: Founded in 2011, Curator’s is widely recognized as a leader in online marketing at the high end of the market. Through the placement of online ad impressions that number greater than 1 billion, Curator’s has reached tens of thousands of pre-qualified collectors. Importantly, the brand name of Curator’s is associated with the roughly $800M in artworks that the company has marketed for its clients.     

How It Works

Over 5 years of art marketing expertise: The Curator’s Eye Marketing Solutions [CEMS] has developed a proprietary database that captures detailed interest analytics on approximately 25,000 high end collectors. And provides a composite of services that are 90% the same as those provided by the major auction rooms.

The Curator’s Eye “virtualizes” the auction specialists role. By harnessing your expertise as a dealer, we are able to provide costs that are 35-40% lower than the traditional auction houses.

Auction Steps

1. Client wins a lot at auction

2. Client pays Curator’s for the won lot

3. Curator’s provides the dealer with client’s shipping information

4. Dealer ships the won lot to the buyer

5. After delivery, Curator’s pays the dealer the hammer price less commission

The Value Added Versus Other Platforms

Prior to Sale

  • CEMS designs and places customized online ads
  • CEMS manages email marketing campaigns
  • TCE approves bidders and manages Q&A

Post Sale

  • TCE manages all invoicing, collection and escrow disbursal
  • TCE manages shipping logistics.
  • TCE provides a list of bidders and underbidders (where available) to the sellers for your own remarketing use

Inquire about our Services

A robust technology platform: The platform that we have built has been operational for 5 years and is an important feeder for the auction business and an essential part of our brand. We house both the auctions and the “store” on the same website in order to cross-pollinate “Buy-It-Now” inventory with the auctions.

Types of Auctions We Run

Timed Auction

A timed auction is The Curator’s Eye lowest cost option because it takes place only online and does not require additional personnel. And because the advertising that Curator’s provides for your lot is comparable to that of the other auction formats, you get comparable exposure with the benefit of the savings on overhead. Curator’s will open the bidding for your lot at your predetermined level. Curator’s will then accept bids over an extended period that can range from hours to days, during which auction participants leave bids on lots. At the end of the defined bidding period, if the highest bid offered meets your reserve, the lot is sold. Curator’s then handles all of the invoicing, escrow and shipping logistics for you. All you have to do is ship the item and wait for your auction proceeds check.

Live Streamed Auction

This auction format provides much of the excitement of a traditional auction through live streaming video, but saves significantly on the overhead costs, because the auction takes place online. The Curator’s Eye hosts the auction with a professional auctioneer with which participants can bid in real-time via the phone or via the internet. A live streamed auction simulates the atmosphere of the auction room with live audio and video feeds, and is simulcast on the major live bidding portals.

Live Auctions Without Video Streaming

This type of auction is the same as the Live Streamed Auction, but without the live video and audio stream. The auctioneer will drive the auction and bidding for each lot. Registered bidders will know that they are the winning bidder only as their lots are reached. They can leave absentee bids. The auction can be followed online only through the live bidding portals. These auctions provide the greatest exposure possible, at the lowest cost, since the auction is simulcast on the major live bidding portals but there are no overhead costs associated with streaming video.

In Sum

1. A new, unmatched platform harnessing Curator’s proven success in meticulously targeted fine art advertising.

2. The combined power of art marketing expertise with themed auctions that is bound to deliver amazing results.

3. The Curator’s Eye works with leading dealers from all over the world, bringing art collectors the finest selection of art, antiques and historical objects.

Types of Publications We Advertise In

Educational Articles

Art dealers are increasingly being encroached upon by the auction majors. While these auctions can be a valuable resource in terms of liquidity, selling through the major houses only adds to their power to compete directly with dealers. Not so with auctions run by The Curator’s Eye, which provides dealers not only liquidity from auctions, but also the client lists associated with those items.

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