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The intricacies of the art community present challenges for sellers. Whether you’re an individual dealer or the owner of a large gallery, developing a clientele that is tailored to your inventory and establishing a rapport can be difficult in a niche market. The Curator’s Eye has compiled a number of digital marketing strategies to help you broaden your reach so that you’re constantly connecting and building lasting client relationships. Our marketing methods adapt to fit your individual needs so you’re always targeting the right people in the right contexts.


We offer a wide number of services…

Client Development Services

One of the most important things you do as a dealer is developing a client base. You carry pieces that appeal to certain individuals, but what is the best way to get your name out and network with this group of people? Curator’s Eye does not just provide you with a platform from which to sell — we use specifically targeted ads to discover where there is interest in your inventory and refine the results into an extensive roster of potential patrons. We bridge the gap from buyer to seller so you can spend less time making connections and more time developing lasting relationships with new clientele.

The Curator’s Eye is much more than just an online marketplace. We not only provide a sales platform, but we also use advanced online marketing strategies to bring clients directly to your listings. You also have the option of placing items up for bid on our online auctioning system, where you’ll gain 100 percent of the final sales price, and receive details on all the individuals who placed bids. It’s an effective way to boost your sales along with your potential buyers.

Marketing & Public Relations Services

The current digital landscape offers a wide variety of effective marketing activities. However, time and resources can become an obstacle to realizing the full potential of these strategies. Our team will work with you to craft a detailed marketing and public relations plan that is perfect for your business. With an array of approaches including pay-per-click advertising, email and content marketing, search engine optimization and more, you can choose any combination of methods to create a unique program that will meet all of your needs and give you the greatest impact possible.

Are You An Individual?

Curator’s Eye Marketing Solutions also offers services for individuals. Whether you are looking to buy new works to add to your collection, or looking to sell off pieces.

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Who We Are

The Team

The CEMS team is comprised of a team trained to optimize online marketing for art businesses and organizations, which are looking to reach new audiences and develop a stronger relationship with them.   The team draws on the skills of its individual members of marketing specialists, graphic designers, computer scientists, and mathematicians.

The Reach

The Curator’s Eye team currently places over 100 million ads per year, which reach approximately 10 million people per year. The CEMS team currently manages and individually optimizes over 500 individual advertising campaigns for individual clients.

The How

Our clients outsource various aspects of marketing to CEMS and leverage our powerful technology and online marketing skills to more efficiently reach a much broader audience. This partnership allows our clients to focus on what they do best and not on the constantly changing technology environment.

What Our Clients Say

“Item-specific advertising helps dealers find the right audience.”

“A ten to fifteen percent increase in new sales thanks to The Curator’s Eye.”

“From a dealer’s point of view, Curator’s Eye offers an almost unique opportunity to reach new clients and to follow up with them about items in which they have shown an interest.”

“The Curator’s Eye is the future of serious collecting.”

“In less than a year, almost 500 clients have been introduced to [my gallery] through The Curator’s Eye.”